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Welcome to my website, AlanaShipp.Com! I am Alana Shipp, IFBB Pro Female Bodybuilder from the USA, currently living in Israel. Thank you for visiting my website and come back often to see what I am up to!



September 2014:
I am so excited that I earned a 4th place at the 2014 Miss Olympia! You can see some pictures of me on stage on my Gallery Page!

Alana Shipp IFBB Miss OLympia 2014Alana Shipp IFBB Miss OLympia 2014



About Alana Shipp IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

I've never been very athletic, in fact, I've always been awkward when it comes to sports. However, I've always been driven and quite the hard worker. Anything I put my mind to I give all of myself.  Somehow I found myself out of shape and frustrated. I decided I needed to improve my appearance and began working out. It was during this time I developed a love for the gym. No longer did I feel like I didn't belong, instead it felt like a home away from home. I went from being that girl who felt out of place in the gym (especially in the weights section) to becoming completely at ease there. I enjoy the process of sculpting my body.

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If you follow me on Facebook, you can see that I add new pictures regularly and I am always evolving, training, growing, sculpting, etc. But you can see many pictures here on my site too, as well as some video's. 

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I can be contacted for advice on training, nutrition, for modeling, sponsorships, etc. The best way to contact me, is through my Facebook.

For questions about the site, you can contact my webmaster as well.

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