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About Alana Sipp

I was born in Barbados to Guyanese parents. A great part of my early childhood was spent in Guyana prior to moving to Queens, New York at age 11.  After High School I enlisted in the US Marine Corps and spent almost 8 years as a Marine. It was during this time I learned resilience and commitment. In late 2008 I moved to Israel and I've been here ever since. Being and American living in a foreign country has its challenges but I've adjusted for the most part. It was since living in Israel that the bodybuilding world was introduced to me.      

I've never been very athletic, in fact, I've always been awkward when it comes to sports. However, I've always been driven and quite the hard worker. Anything I put my mind to I give all of myself.  Somehow I found myself out of shape and frustrated. I decided I needed to improve my appearance and began working out. It was during this time I developed a love for the gym. No longer did I feel like I didn't belong, instead it felt like a home away from home. I went from being that girl who felt out of place in the gym (especially in the weights section) to becoming completely at ease there. I enjoy the process of sculpting my body.

I began developing my body way beyond my expectations, the better I looked, the better I wanted to look which drives me to work even harder. Changes in my physique serve as motivation to work harder.  This has all led me on the incredible path that I am now on as a professional bodybuilder. My journey has just begun and there is still a whole lot more that I would like to accomplish. I feel as though I am doing exactly what I was born to do and I would like to take it as far as I can. I hope to be amongst the best of the best one day…


Contest History of Alana Shipp

2014 Omaha Pro - 5th place

2014 IFBB Toronto Pro - 2nd place

2013  NPC National Championship - 1st place middleweight (Earned IFBB Pro Card)

2013  NPC Steve Stone Metropolitan - 1st place lightweight and overall winner

2012  NAC Mr and Ms Universe - 3rd place Ms Body/Physique

2012  NAC Mr and Ms Israel - 1st place Ms Fitness